Update on drive to fill library at Sacred Hearts Girls’ School

Get these by donating your old books. With this we can fill the library at Sacred Hearts Girls' School

Get these by donating your old books. With this we can fill the library at Sacred Hearts Girls' School

3 days after I started the appeal, I’m happy to report that I have received 145 coupons for the National Library Book Exchange, many committments for more coupons, and folks offering me books from the personal collection. Thanks to all especially to Lily & Fang Chin for their coupons. Am now looking for more volunteers to help me pick and pack the books next Saturday. If you’d like to help us, please drop me a line.

Drive to fill the empty library at Sacred Hearts Girls School at Tana River District, Kenya

The National Library has a book exchange drive where coupons are provided for each book donated. Let’s help Gabriel and the Tana River Life Foundation fill the empty library at the high school you saw on the slideshow.

The empty library waiting to be filled with books at Sacred Heart Girls, Tana River District

So here’s the plan :

  1. Get folks ( you and your friends ) to bring their old books ( see guidelines below ) to the any branch libraries or the National Library between 11 – 24 April ( now till next Friday ). You’ll get a coupon per book with an upper limit of 30.
  2. Pass your coupons to me ( plus it would be great if a few more of you could volunteer your time to pickup the books as each person is again limited to pickup 30 books ).
  3. We’ll pickup / scavenge through the piles at the National Library on Saturday April 25.
  4. Gabriel has provided guidelines on the books he needs for the library ( children’s readers, reference books, good novels suitable for teens and young adults )
  5. We’ll have to look for some storage space from April 25 to January next year when Gabriel comes around again. Alternatively we can ship the books to Kenya. We can find out how much it cost and see if we can raise the money.

Let me know if you’d like to help. You can help in any or all of the following capacities :

  • Bring your books to the National Library and collect the coupons
  • Forward this note to your friends and act as a coordination point ie. collect the coupons from friends and pass them to me
  • Volunteer to help me pick out the books on April 25th

Here are details of the drive :

National Library Book Exchange DriveIs your home being “invaded” by an expanding personal library?

Do you have books that are crying out to be read (but you have no time to do so)?

Are you cutting back on book-buying because of the economic crisis?

Then come, participate in the BOOK EXCHANGE!!
Get ready to dig out all your “expired” books for a 1-1 exchange.

You can exchange it for a voucher at any public library between Apr 11-24

Selection and collection of other books with your vouchers is on Apr 25 at NL Building.

Details below:

Recycle Your Reading at the Book Exchange!

Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009
Time: 10.30am to 6pm
Venue: The Plaza, National Library Building,100 Victoria Street

3 easy steps to exchange your used books for new reads:

1. Bring your used books to any Public Library from 11 to 24 April, 11am to 8pm. On 25 April, used books are accepted only at the National Library Building.

2. Drop off your used books and get a book exchange coupon indicating one-for-one exchange for the books accepted.

3. Bring your coupon to The Plaza, National Library Building, on 25 April to redeem for used books dropped off by other book lovers.

Terms and Conditions:

1) Each person can exchange up to a maximum of 30 used books. There is no age limit for participation.

2) We accept children’s and adults’ fiction and non-fiction books (eg. cookbooks, travel guides and romance novels) in any of the four official languages. We also accept used library books bought from previous Library Book Sales. Textbooks, magazines and audio-visual materials will not be accepted.

3) Used books for exchange should be in relatively good physical condition.

4) Coupons issued are transferable. You may pass them on to your family members or friends to help you redeem.

5) Lost coupons are not replaceable. You are advised to keep your coupons properly till the event on 25 April.

6) Plastic/carrier bags and delivery service will not be provided on Sat, 25 April. You are advised to bring your own carrier bags and/or arrange for transportation of books redeemed.

Thanks for attending the lunch at Friends Jelita on March 28th

Collage of pictures taken at Friends Jelita

Collage of pictures taken at Friends Jelita

Thanks to everyone who joined us for lunch on Saturday March 28th. I trust that many of you were inspired by the work that Gabriel has started at the Tana River Delta in Kenya. Here are some pictures we took that day.