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5 Responses

  1. I admire your humanitarian spirit and concern for the underpriviledged. May God Bles You abundantly!

  2. That year when I went and help out Gabriel was one of my best years so far.I met him in Nativity Church when we were donating and folding clothes to ship to Kenya.
    St Vincent De Paul (IHM) is doing the same.We are happy,I am very happy to serve the poor and I would like my members and friends to know about the foundation
    My mission is to serve the poor and thats my calling too.
    A SSVP member is here to serve!

  3. I am an early childhood lecturer and i hope one to be able to come to Tana River to provide my service in training or conduct workshops to teachers, adminstrators , parents etc.

    Thank you.


  4. May God bless mr Gabriel Teo in a big and in a mighy way for helping the community.

  5. May God usher him with abudant blessings

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