7770 books collected, sorted and packed to date. Thanks for all your help !

Two-an-a-half months after we started the book drive, we have collected, sorted, labeled and packed 7770 books. Thank you one and all who have helped us through spreading the word, digging deep into your collections, collecting from your friends, helping us sort, count, pack and label the books. This is our largest collection to date since we started the annual book drives for the libraries in the Tana River district in Kenya in 2009. We are humbled by your generosity.

This year our efforts were enormously helped by the media coverage that the National Library Board and Orchard Central / Far East Organization generously provided us with, in conjunction with the NLB Book Exchange and the OC Book Swop respectively. Thank you Fang Chin, Amy & team from the NLB, and Lay Kheng and team from Far East Organization.

Here are the newspaper articles that mentioned Tana River Life Foundation and our efforts to collect books for the libraries in Kenya.

ST Article June 6 – OC Book Swop

ST Article 18 April – NLB Book Exchange 2011

Lian He Zao Bao Article 18 April – Book Exchange 2011