Gabriel and Tana River Life Foundation featured in Millionaire Asia

Thanks to Brian Yim and the team at Millionaire Asia, Gabriel and Tana River Life Foundation were featured in the Issue 33 of Millionaire Asia. Here’s the article.

Gabriel Teo Guest of Honour at UTAR Convocation 2013

Gabriel Teo, founder of Tana River Life Foundation, was invited to be the guest of honour at the UTAR Convocation in August 2013.

He addressed the graduating students and offered them insights into his world. Here’s a selection of press coverage of the event.

Star Article on Gabriel — UTAR Convo

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Venue of UTAR Convo

Gabriel addressing the UTAR Convo

Gabriel, students and Tun Ling at UTAR Convo


Gabriel with students

Students at UTAR meet Dr Ling

Thanks to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, 6 youths from Tana River are currently on scholarship at the Perak campus. The 6th student Prisca Habuya Mbaru joined them in January this year. She is the first female student from the foundation to be sponsored at UTAR and will be persuing a Bachelor of Arts in English Education.

Last December 5 of the students had the honour of meeting Utar council chairman Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik.

Click here for a downloadable version of the article. The Star Online_ Kenyan Students Share their Experiences with Dr Ling – Dec 2012

Gabriel featured on TV and in the press

In the last week Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation have been featured on TV here in Singapore and in the papers in Malaysia. If you missed either, here are the links :

Episode 4 of Everyday Heroes : Originally telecast on Thursday 14 June over Mediacorp 5 :

Screen shot of Gabriel - Everyday Heroes

Gabriel as featured on Episode 4 of Everyday Heroes

Article from The Star, published on Monday 18 June :

Errata : The Star article states that Gabriel completed his accountancy course in the United States. This is incorrect, he completed his undergraduate degree in Singapore.

Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation have been featured in more press articles

In the last couple of months, Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation have been featured in press articles both here in Singapore and in Africa. Check out these articles to understand a little more about his work, what drives him and how he has touched the lives to thousands in Kenya.

Article on Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation – ST Feb 18 2012

Airline Magazine Article featuring Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation

Helping hands across the seas – ST 3 July 2011 from SP

Watch up for an upcoming TV interview of Gabriel and the architects of the Education Centre Project as they talk about the work that has gone into the building of a school and community facilities in the Tana River Delta. Tune in to AM Live ! on 12th March on Channel News Asia.

Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation were featured in the press

Great News ! The Sunday Times ran an article on 3rd July 2011 on folks who started charities and foundations overseas.

Gabriel was the lead story. The journalist called him in Kenya for a phone interview 2 days before the article was published.

For those of you who missed the story, here are 2 copies of the article for your reading pleasure.

One of it is scanned copy and the other is a text extract from Factiva. Enjoy !

Scanned Straits Times article on Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation – 3 July 2011

Straits Times article on Gabriel Teo and Tana River Life Foundation – 3 July 2011, no photos

Incidentally we have collected 10,000 books for the libraries supported by the foundation. Thank you one and all.

I will be closing the collection and have started fundraising for the cost of shipping the container load of books, the required books shelves and school furniture. We have raised $3050 to date and are still looking for $950. Please let me know if you would like to contribute to this worthy cause.

7770 books collected, sorted and packed to date. Thanks for all your help !

Two-an-a-half months after we started the book drive, we have collected, sorted, labeled and packed 7770 books. Thank you one and all who have helped us through spreading the word, digging deep into your collections, collecting from your friends, helping us sort, count, pack and label the books. This is our largest collection to date since we started the annual book drives for the libraries in the Tana River district in Kenya in 2009. We are humbled by your generosity.

This year our efforts were enormously helped by the media coverage that the National Library Board and Orchard Central / Far East Organization generously provided us with, in conjunction with the NLB Book Exchange and the OC Book Swop respectively. Thank you Fang Chin, Amy & team from the NLB, and Lay Kheng and team from Far East Organization.

Here are the newspaper articles that mentioned Tana River Life Foundation and our efforts to collect books for the libraries in Kenya.

ST Article June 6 – OC Book Swop

ST Article 18 April – NLB Book Exchange 2011

Lian He Zao Bao Article 18 April – Book Exchange 2011