Update on drive to fill library at Sacred Hearts Girls’ School » Book Coupons from NLB

Get these by donating your old books. With this we can fill the library at Sacred Hearts Girls’ School

The National Library has a book exchange drive where coupons are provided for each book donated. We’re helping Gabriel & Tana River Life Foundation fill the empty library at the high school you saw on the slideshow. Slide is attached.
So here’s the plan :
1. Get folks ( you and your friends ) to bring their old books ( see guidelines below ) to the National Library between 11 – 24 April ( now till next Friday ). You’ll get a coupon per book with an upper limit of 30.
2. Pass your coupons to me ( plus it would be great if a few more of you could volunteer your time to pickup the books as each person is again limited to pickup 30 books ).
3. We’ll pickup / scavenge through the piles on Saturday April 25. Fang
4. Gabriel has provided guidelines on the books he needs for the library ( children’s readers, reference books, good novels suitable for teens and young adults )
5. We’ll have to look for some storage space from April 25 to January next year when Gabriel comes around again. Alternatively we can ship the books to Kenya. We can find out how much it cost and see if we can raise the money.

Let me know if you’d like to help. You can help in any or all of the following capacities :
– Bring your books to the National Library and collect the coupons
– Forward this note to your friends and act as a coordination point ie. collect the coupons from friends and pass them to me
– Volunteer to help me pick out the books on April 25th

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