Book Drive 2011

We’re starting the Tana River Book Drive 2011. Do you have books that you’d like to give away ?
We’re collecting books for nursery, primary and secondary schools supported by Tana River Life Foundation, Like previous years, we’ll be doing it in conjunction with the NLB Book Exchange on 16th April. If your have books that may not be suitable for the Tana River libraries ( eg. non-English books, pulp fiction ) you can take them to the local library between 2 to 15  April from 11.00am to 8.00pm and get a coupon for every book accepted. We’ll be collecting the coupons from you so that we can ‘shop’ for suitable books during the book exchange which will be held at the Plaza of the National Library building on Victoria street from 8.30am to 6.30pm on 16 April.
If your books are suitable for the Tana River libraries, please contact me, Iris Tay. We’ll arrange to pickup the books from you.
If don’t have books and would still like to help, we welcome contributions of empty boxes which used to hold A4 sized photocopier paper. The books will be packed and transported in these boxes as their small sizes make them easy to pack, transport and store.
We’ll have more details in the coming weeks. Watch this space ! Thanks !

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