Gabriel Teo Guest of Honour at UTAR Convocation 2013

Gabriel Teo, founder of Tana River Life Foundation, was invited to be the guest of honour at the UTAR Convocation in August 2013.

He addressed the graduating students and offered them insights into his world. Here’s a selection of press coverage of the event.

Star Article on Gabriel — UTAR Convo

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Venue of UTAR Convo

Gabriel addressing the UTAR Convo

Gabriel, students and Tun Ling at UTAR Convo


Gabriel with students

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  1. hi!! my names are henry buya aged 23years, i did, my kenya certificate of secondary education and was able to achieve a mean grade of C+ … am an alumni of mr. Gabriel teo’s work of compassion, i was able to further my studies and i graduated with a diploma in human resource management and in Gods grace i will be able to find finances so that i may pursue a bachelor degree in education because iv been practising teaching in high school n ive realised that i have the potential but all in all id wish to say thank you to mr. Teo and tana river life foundation as whole…. may God bless you.

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