More Art in Aid of Emmaus Centre Project » The Kenyan Girl by Kim Chesney – SOLD !

The Kenyan Girl by Kim Chesney - SOLD !

The Kenyan Girl by Kim Chesney – SOLD !

The Kenyan Girl by Kim Chesney
Mixed Media
25cm * 25cm

Born with the name of Painter, Kim Painter Chesney was destined to become an artist. With years of working, child-rearing and fund-raising for child-related nonprofit organizations, there is no task too big for Kim to tackle. Her biggest joy to date is being a match for a bone marrow harvest, saving the life of a gentleman with leukemia. Kim’s creative juices are always flowing, from developing a culinary arts program for impoverished kids to donating art to charities and designing and running fundraising events that are wildly successful. Kim brings commitment, enthusiasm and energy to everything to which she jumps on board.
As an artist,she has studied in several mediums including oil, watercolor and graphite. Currently, she is immersed in developing her own brand of encaustic painting, in which the works are both sculpted and painted. The encaustic process is an ancient hot wax technique known to have been used prior to 100 A.D. Using photographs of her travels around the world, Kim mounts the image on boards, spreads a combination of hot beeswax and resin onto its surface. She then fires up her blow torch and fuses the wax to the image. Using sculpting tools to etch into the cooled surface and then covering this with a colorful mix of oil pastel, creates a unique, rare piece of art.
She began showing her work since 2008 and has gained recognition and won awards for her paintings, which hang in a number of private collections. Her work has been featured in several local publications. Kimhas studied with acclaimed artists/instructors, among them, Marc Chatov, Jerry Fresia, Joe Paquet and James Richards.
In moving around the United States and abroad, including living in Tokyo, as well as her extensive travels, she has found art to be a valuable way to assimilate. “Art is a universal language, that unites us,” she says. That belief is directing her current work on a major series of encaustic paintings exploring and celebrating common humanity, drawn from her experiences across six continents.

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