More Art in Aid of Emmaus Centre Project » Peace by Amit Upadhye

Peace by Amit Upadhye

Peace by Amit Upadhye

Peace by Amit Upadhye

Digital Print
59.4 cm x 42.0 cm

Amit Upadhye, born in 1968 in India, is an American Architect, who is widely traveled in America, Asia and Australia. He is currently based in Singapore and Arizona. He is an award winning accomplished architect whose architectural work has been published in international magazines, websites, news papers and journals. He also taught Architecture at Arizona State University for many years as a visiting faculty.
Since childhood he has been looking at the world through the lens developing a keen eye for light. As they say, Photographer is the best critique of Architecture, he has always shot his own Architectural work in the USA. He studied Master of Architecture at University of New Mexico, that is famous for its photography program. His photographs have been exhibited at University of New Mexico in 2009.
His work spans a wide range of subjects from Abstract, Landscape, Architecture and Portraits.

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